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Best Value Luxury Watch Brands

Best Value Luxury Watch Brands


Luxury watches are much more than a dial to know the time. Men and women wear them in the same way as a valuable piece of jewelry. Yes, these accessories are not just fashion freaks; they’re timeless and aren’t just for James Bond and company. You too can take one. But before that, it’s time to select the best brands.



Rolex is certainly one of the best luxury watch brands around the world. It has been on the market since 1905. It was therefore in London that its inventors Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis promoted the early models. Their innovation continued in 1945 with the “Datejust” (dial with automatic change date).

To go even further, Rolex released an improved version of the “Oyster” which is the “Oyster Perpetual Submariner” in 1953, and brought to market the first dual time zone watch named GMT Master in 1954. Now, Rolex continues its production of revolutionary and quality watches with a hugh turnover of 20,000 products in each day.



The history of Omega begins in 1848 when the young Louis Brandt opened his establishment in La Chaux-de-Fonds. Louis-Paul and César Brandt, the two sons of the founder of watchmaking, took the business in hand in 1879. Since March 10, 1894, the company has therefore been called Omega. From then on, the industry experienced a very promising development. It was in 1948 that Omega created its first waterproof model; this was the Seamaster. But Omega is recognized as the first branded watch to reach the moon.

Today Omega offers watches for lovers of diving sports. It also produces casual models for those who likes casual and classy style. But still, it highlights luxurious and vintage models such as the Pilot’s, the Cosmic, the Petrograd or the Centenary.



Cartier is a big name that jewelry lovers know inside out. Historically, it was in 1847 that Cartier (the grandfather) created his jewelry store in Paris. Cartier jewelry has made a name for itself in the city of love. All wore the chains and rings proudly at the time.

Seventeen years later, Louis-François Cartier’s grandson named Louis Cartier invented his Tank Watches. These early models were indeed modelled on the design of military tanks. They have always been classified in the category of wrist jewelry. In fact, whether they have a gold, silver, gold-plated or leather bracelet, the watches from this great brand remain aesthetically romantic and very pleasant.


Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc has been on the market since 1858. It has to be believed that branded products can only achieve a gratifying reputation in the field of watchmaking after a few decades of work. For its part, Mont Blanc started with a small workshop located in the Saint-Imier valley. At Mont Blanc, production is always carried by hand.

Indeed, it is master watchmakers who take care of the manufacture of watches in large companies. In short, whether you are looking for a reputable model or want to have a personalized model, you know the right address..

The important thing is Mont Blanc watches are tested for 500 hours before leaving the factory. The company wants every watch enthusiast to have their functional, robust and strikingly designed luxury model.

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